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With more than 40 years of expertise in Cutting Tool Design, combined with powerful manufacturing resources, SDi Tools has a distinctive advantage to be your Cutting Edge.


Our Founder Mentor, Mr. L. A Shetty, has charted his path starting as an engineering apprentice with a very well-known Cutting Tool Manufacturer in India, in 1967. His potential was very quickly spotted by the Superiors and the Management, and he was one of the select few to be sent to Germany, for Study of Advanced Cutting Tools, and Technical Transfer of Gear Cutting Tools, in 1974. After his return, he also headed other manufacturing centers such as the Thread Cutting Division etc.


Opportunity, to start his own business knocked at his doors in 1984, to produce critical fabricated and machined spares for Thermal Power Projects (TPS). This led to creation of Shree Durga Industries, a company catering to manufacture and supply of Fabricated and Machined Spares for various TPS all over the country, including prestigious customers like NTPC Ltd. (World’s 3 rd Largest Thermal Power Producer) etc.


Simultaneously, he developed a small tool room, of precision grinding and machining facilities to cater to the growing local industry in Nashik.



The second generation, joined the company between the year 2000-2003, on a Full Time Basis. Mr. Ashwin Shetty, with a Masters in Business Administration, and Bachelors in Engineering and Mr. Amit Shetty, with a Post Graduation in Tool Design and also a Bachelor of Engineering, decided to also develop a full fledged Cutting Tool Manufacturing facility to build on our Mentor’s original expertise.


Thus came into being:

  1. SDi Tools: For Manufacture of Cutting Tools
  2. SDi Spares: For Manufacture of Fabricated and Machined Spares for TPS


For over 30 years Shree Durga Industries has brought the innovations usually the reserve of the Large Corporations to the door step of SMEs. With innovative ideas, technology, products and technical support to the Customers, we continue to grow in order to meet our Customers' needs. Our primary objective is Customer Delight, and we also believe that our growth is directly linked to our Customer’s.


We achieve this through a value addition approach, rather than a purely product cost reduction approach. We understand that in today’s modern world of free communication, technology is available to everybody. But the cutting edge, can only be value addition, through commitment to innovation, improvement and offering products which competition will not be able provide.